Look..! Here’s How to Distinguish Fake and Genuine Engine Oil

Engine oil plays an important role in supporting engine performance. With the appropriate quality engine oil, the engine components will be better protected so as to make the engine last longer. In addition to protecting, engine oil that suits your needs will support engine performance. The sound becomes smoother, responsive pull and so on. However, if the quality of engine oil is not suitable, or if you use counterfeit oil, engine performance will decrease. So that you don’t choose the wrong one, it’s best to replace the engine oil at an official repair shop. If you want to do it yourself, read the vehicle manual as a reference in choosing engine oil. Even so, the vehicle owner must also ensure the authenticity of the engine oil purchased. Given the facts, there have been cases of counterfeit engine oil circulating in the field.

PT Pertamina Lubricants (PTPL) Brahma Putra Mahayana Technical Specialist, said that the content of engine oil is quite complex, not only based on its viscosity. “The impact will clearly affect the engine. It should be noted that the content in engine oil is complex. It is not just base oil, but there are also certain additives to support engine work. Of course, it has been formulated according to the needs of the engine,” said Brahma. He said the content and quality of counterfeit engine oil marketed by certain persons was clearly different from that made in factories.

“That means it also has a different function, in the end it can damage the engine. Unlike lubricants from official manufacturers such as PTPL which has a laboratory to check the quality of the lubricants,” said Brahma. He said the first thing to pay attention to is not to be easily tempted by cheap prices. Brahma advises vehicle owners to buy it at a trusted shop or repair shop. It doesn’t end there, sometimes there are also naughty workshops. Especially for oil made by Pertamina, there are several characteristics to identify its authenticity. This identification can be done by consumers by checking the batch number of the oil. According to Brahma, this is the easiest way to find out if the oil or lubricant is genuine, factory-made or fake.

“The easiest way to see it is in the batch number on the bottle cap or bottle neck. We produce the base number using a laser, it must be symmetrical, sequential and neat. The fake ones are usually hollow, the type and font size are not the same, uneven and asymmetrical,” said Brahmas. Apart from that, Pertamina Lubricants oil or lubricant is also equipped with a QR-Code that is attached to certain parts of the packaging. The application of this QR-code certainly cannot be faked. “We also have a QR-code on the oil packaging. For us, usually the QR-code number is random. It’s different if it’s fake, usually the numbers tend to be the same because of the printing results,” Brahma added.

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