Bekasi’s Internet Speed Beats South Jakarta and Kiev

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Brother Center | Although often ridiculed, Bekasi has the best internet speed compared to other cities in Indonesia. In fact, Bekasi’s internet speed is ranked 135th in the world. Launching Speedtest, Bekasi has download and upload speeds on mobile internet at 17.38 Mbps and 11.48 Mbps respectively. Bekasi’s mobile internet latency level reaches 22 milliseconds.

Meanwhile, for Fixed Broadband internet, Bekasi Internet has a download speed of 27.74 Mbps and 12.39 Mbps upload with a latency of 5 milliseconds.

Under Bekasi, there is South Jakarta which ranks 138th for mobile internet and 135th for Fixed Broadband.

South Jakarta’s mobile internet download speed is at 16.75 Mbps and 10.82 Mbps upload. For Fixed Broadband, South Jakarta has speeds of 28.59 Mbps (upload) and 18.06 Mbps (download).

The internet speed of Bekasi and South Jakarta beat other cities, even the capital of Peru, Lima and the capital of Ukraine, Kiev.

Meanwhile, the city of Ar-Rayyan in Qatar ranks first in the mobile internet category with a speed of 161 Mbps. For the Fixed Broadband category, the city of Beijing in China tops the standings thanks to a speed of 252 Mbps.

For the country category, the United Arab Emirates occupies the first position in the mobile internet category with a speed of 138.82 Mbps. At the same time, Singapore is in first place in the Fixed Broadband category thanks to a speed of 219.57 Mbps.

How about Indonesia? Internet in the country has a speed of 16.7 Mbps in rank 112 for the mobile internet category. For the Fixed Broadband category, Indonesia is ranked 123 with a speed of 22.78 Mbps.

Called Elon Musk
The CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, once mentioned internet speed in Indonesia. He said the internet in Indonesia played a role in the slow pace of Twitter in the country.

“Twitter is very slow in India, Indonesia & many other countries. This is a fact, not a “claim”. 10 to 15 seconds to refresh homeline tweets is common there. Sometimes it doesn’t work at all, especially on Android phones,” said Musk when talking with former Meta CTO Mike Schroepfer on Twitter, Tuesday (15/11).

“The only question is how much delay is due to bandwidth/latency/application,” Musk said.

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