5 Tips to Eliminate Hustle Culture Culture, Heart Disease of Workers

5 Tips to Eliminate Hustle Culture Culture, Heart Disease of Workers

Brother Center | Every work must be tiring and a lot of pressure, sometimes there is even a hustle culture. Hustle culture is the pressure to work more and be busier than others even considered normal.

The high necessities of life, the work culture that began to shift from a necessity to a habit of bringing new things which became known as the hustle culture. The mindset of working more, making more money has brought this phenomenon to grow more rapidly.

Reporting from Forbes, it’s easy for someone to get caught up in this phenomenon. Even if you continue to get stuck in the hustle culture, the only thing waiting for you at the finish line is fatigue.

The thing you have to believe is that success doesn’t have to be achieved with excessive work patterns. There are many ways to be successful, besides this hustle culture lifestyle destroys work life balance which is not only bad for your physical but also mental health.

If you continue to be trapped in this phenomenon, you can experience burnout, exhaustion, and even death.

“The demands of many necessities of life require them to work harder in order to earn a large income even though they put aside their own health,” said Graheta Rara Purwasono, psychologist, team counselor from the employee counseling application Riliv in a statement received by CNNIndonesia.com some time ago.

Even so, there are many ways that can be done to get out of the mindset that is a disease of the hearts of these workers. Here are tips so you are no longer trapped in a dangerous hustle culture.

1. Change your mindset about work

It is undeniable, most people do dedicate themselves to work in totality. In fact, there are many things that you have to live outside of busy work.

Work to live, not live to work.

2. Get the job done on time

Don’t overwork. Complete what is your task on time. Use free time to relax and enjoy life or do your hobbies.

3. Stop comparing yourself

Whatever achievements you make, be grateful. Stop comparing yourself to other people because this is what keeps you feeling less.

4. Relax

Vacation time is very meaningful. Use the time off to be free from work. Do not use time off to work.

5. Prioritize self-health

Remember that personal health is very important to maintain. Work a balance between maintaining health with needs. Don’t let all your time be used for work without thinking about your body’s health and avoid the hustle culture.

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